We are Accepting New Clients: Our primary focus is getting your book ranked BestSeller and Optimally Placed so that it will sell.
We are proven business experts consisting of Publishing Professionals, Skilled Marketers, with a team of Best Selling Authors dedicated to taking your book off the shelf and onto the Best Seller List! see Why Your Book Will Sale!

You're already a Writer. Let's make you a successful Author! We can assist with the 9 Key Factors or just a few of them.
We customize a price plan that fits your budget and timeline. Plans start as low as $95.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Client:

Writing is a Skill, marketing is Expertise

Can You Write, Create & Sell Your Book on Your Own?

Sure, you can. But let me ask you this…

Then why haven’t you done it already?

There are real business related reasons why Writers finish their book… but never make it sell.

1: Authors Need Accountability…

Writing a book is a huge undertaking that can seem overwhelming when left to your own devices. And, it’s not just the writing that is a challenge when you’re self-publishing.

Every step requires research and decisions. We'll lay it out.

Make the wrong decision and nobody will ever read your book.

Make the right decision and your book can be in bookstores, topping the sales charts or getting you speaking gigs at the biggest events in your industry (or, all three!)

But, without help, or a lot of persistence to figure it all out, it’s easy to let other things, even the most mundane distractions become priorities over getting your book done.

2: We Motivate Writers to perform like Successful Authors

In supporting dream authors becoming real authors, the number one obstacle I’ve found is PROCRASTINATION.

Think about it…you have a big idea. It’s unlike anyone else’s. You know it can make people’s lives easier or get them results or bring them more success and happiness. It seems like a secret to everyone else, but YOU have the key!

Best-selling American author Jodi Picoult said, “Everyone has a book inside of them – but it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out.” We Will.

3: Being a Published Author Can Change Your Life…

You'll have the time and money to pursue new projects and paths. We'll keep you target.

4: The Obvious Roadblock, Hidden in Plain Sight…

Marketing, Promotion and Expertise.

A One-Stop Service at a Fraction of the Cost. BSM is an affordable option to keep you efficient and accountable while ensuring you own the content, retain all royalties AND produce a book that is competitive with traditionally published material and/or standards.

Yes, you can continue to run your business AND get your book done. And, if you REALLY want to be the CEO of your business, you can outsource just certain elements of your book.

5: How We Help Self-Publishers…

Our primary focus is getting your book Ranked in Top 10 and Optimally Placed so that it can sell. Also to increase your Amazon Author Rank. We provide 9 featured services. These 9 Vital Keys are essential to enjoying healthy book sales.
We can assist you with all or just a few of them. Keep all your Royalties. We always customize a price plan that fits your budget and timeline. See Our Services

6: Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED

Your book is a big deal to us. If you’re not satisfied with our service – for any reason – let us know right away so we can make it right.

We’re sure you understand that due to the nature of our service, we can’t offer refunds for services already rendered. But we’re totally committed to your success. Our entire business is built around creating a satisfying experience for authors, like you. Let us know right away if there is something more we could be doing to make you thrilled with our service.

If at any time you wish to abandon your book project or stop working with BSM, you can cancel with no further obligation. If you’ve signed on for a prepaid annual client membership, we’ll happily refund the prorated unused part of your membership (less an admin fee).

7: Affordable

We focus on 9 Key Factors that are essential to sizable book sales. We can assist you with all or just a few of them. We always customize a price plan that fits your budget and timeline. Plans start as low as $95 a month!


Let's Get It Done Together!

If you already have a self published book online that's not selling up to expectations, For a fraction of its cost; we will do for you what traditional publishers do for their Writers. Our team has assisted in over 100 Best Sellers.

You Write, We Sell. You Keep All Royalties.