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Our Evaluation  will  analyse and rate your current book in each of the 9 Vital areas that contribute to a book sales quotient. These 9 Key Factors are central to getting brisk book sales. You'll receive an easy to understand written assessment of your books current status and potential.  Equally important you'll get a final grade on your books adherence to the high requirements of marketing.

If we determine that there are areas needing improvement or correction, we'll also detail what they are and suggests various solutions.  If you choose, we can assist you with all or just a few of them.

Also, Go ahead and complete this form if you want to brainstorm ideas about writing, publishing, or selling your fiction or non-fiction book. Remember... You Write. You keep all your Royalties!

Note: After we have reviewed your request for a comprehensive evaluation of your book, you'll be emailed instructions on how to submit your Book.  At that time. if you choose to proceed, there will be a one time fee due upon submission of $75.

We'll email or call you upon receiving your Request.

Complete the below Request Form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


If you requested Consultation; During this complimentary call,we will:

  • Explore your books current status and get clear on the best approach for writing, publishing, and marketing the book,
  • Create a clear plan so you know the next step you need to take in your author journey,
  • Uncover hidden profit opportunities from your book and how you can unlock them.

At the end of the call, we'll let you know if your book is a good fit for our services. If it is, we'll discuss how BSM works and when we should move forward to work together. No matter what happens, you will gain clarity around your book project and know what your next step forward should be. 

BSM is an ATL based company that works with authors all over North America helping them write, publish, and sell a book that will build a business, open the door to paid speaking opportunities, have an impact, and make a profit. You keep all royalties and rights. There are no hidden fees.